Most cookies have at least one side measuring 3.5 inches.

Individual cookies: any shape, flavor, size. Individual cookies start at $3.00 based on size and complexity of design.









Cookie box: 5 large cookies mounted on a sturdy foam board with a lid. Fill with your own treats or give as is. Makes a unique edible gift. $20.00


Mini gingerbread house, 5" tall, with lights: $10

Lantern, 7" square, with live-burning candle: $25

Large house, 9" tall, with l.e.d. lights: $25

Large house, with tree, snowmen, shovel, fence: $50

Delivery: Free delivery within 35 miles.

Shipping: Shipping is based on the size of the order and weight. A single cookie ships first class mail for $1.50. Small box (single set) starts at $4.00 first class, priority mail $7.90.

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