New flavors are always in development! There's nothing better than dreaming up a delicious new cookie. Here are some of my most popular flavors:

         Chocolate Sugar Cookie:

         Rich Valrhona dark chocolate sugar cookie with various flavored icing:




Hot Chocolate: with a hint of chipotle

Lovely lovely lemon: Bright, tart lemon sugar cookie with lemon zest icing. You won't have to hunt for the lemon flavor, promise!

Ginger-Orange Spice: fresh grated ginger, warm spices and bright orange notes come together for a perfect warm-you-up flavor.

Coconut-Lime: Summer at anytime of the year. Unsweetened grated coconut sugar cookie pairs up with a Nellie & Joe's lime juice icing.

Where's My Coffee: in your cookie! Starbucks-coffee sugar cookie teams up with a vanilla icing for a perk-me-up, cookie style. Make yours a venti!

Coffee CocoLoco: this cookie is like waking up in the tropics. Rich espresso sugar cookie and coconut icing.

Coffee Hazelnut: Toasted hazelnut chunks are baked into a dark espresso sugar cookie, with vanilla icing: a cookie for the coffee nut!

Birthday Cake: Not just for kids anymore (though kids love this flavor). With Wilton sprinkles baked right inside, it's a party in a cookie.

Pineapple-Mango: Melt-in-your-mouth mango joins its brassy cousin for a sweet and sassy cookie that shouts summer.

Cranberry-Pistachio: Toasted pistachios, organic cranberries sweetened with apple juice, and a hint of orange zest; created for the holidays, this cookie is a favorite year-round. 

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