Q: Where can I buy your cookies?


A: Beginning Oct 1, 2018, Maryland home bakers will be permitted to sell directly from their home and online. Contact me through the website directly to place an order. I can ship cookies and I deliver locally.

Q: How far in advance do I need to place my order?


A: For small orders of less than 30 cookies, please allow one week to complete. For 30 - 75 cookies please allow ten days. For larger orders up to 200 please allow two weeks.

Feel free to email/call with questions. Especially complex cookies might require more time. 

Please be sure to check the 'Calendar' page for a general idea of order availability. Some months get more booked up than others. 

Q: Is there a minimum for special orders? 


A: Have a special occasion coming up and only need one cookie? There is no minimum - one personalized cookie or a hundred, cookies are a great way to celebrate. Thank your dog-walker, your florist, your client with a customized cookie with their name. Your mother will love our 3d edible cookie box. 

Q: What flavors do you have?


A: New flavors are always in development! Please click the 'Flavors' tab to see a full list

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